Olympic Trap Bar


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Trap Bar – 50 mm diameter

Olympic Trap Bar keeps weight centred through the body’s mid line during dead lifts, power pulls and shrugs. Most of the time it is used for exercises such as Shrugs, but it is appropriate for vide variety of other exercises. When you do dead lifts with it, in increases the use of you quadriceps and takes less of pressure on you gluteus and lower back. With proper workout you will increase your shoulder and trapezium muscles’ strength.

Trap Bar keeps your balance better, because it provides ideal center of gravity, parallel to the body, so it makes exercises like dead lift a bit easier.


length: 72″ 180,00 cm
weight: 25 kg
handle diameter: 25 mm
sleeve diameter : 50 mm
max load: 400 kg

Trap Bar

Weight31 kg
Dimensions225 × 67 × 23 cm


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