Cast Iron Dumbbell Set – 20 kg


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ELUIR Cast Iron Dumbbell set – 20 kg

Build you strength, target specific muscle groups and accomplish a full body workout with ELUIR Cast Iron Dumbbell set. The cast iron design is built to last and the rubber grips give you a more comfortable workout. Because of its adjustable nature you can remove weights as desired and set up your dumbbell for exercise according to your plan and wishes.

Set consist of:

  • 2 bars for weights(1,35 kg)
  • 4x 2,5 kg weight plate
  • 4x 1,25 kg weight plate
  • 4 x 0,5 kg weight plate
  • 4 x Spinlock
  • Additional bar to change your dumbbells’ into hammer.

Total package weight 20 kg.


Weight21 kg


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