MOBILITY 101: Trigger Points vs. Injuries

Lacrosse ball rolling - trigger points.

We are all familiar with those tight muscle spots that cause pain in joints, spasm-like feeling while resting, decreased mobility and are generally a huge annoyance to everyone who trains regularly. These spots are also called “myofascial trigger points” and are sometimes a cause of an injury or – when severe – can be misdiagnosed as such.

There has been a lot of new information published about this topic in the recent years. And while a lot is still covered in mystery, some experts have advocated using a foam roller to “roll that knots out”. Based on the most recent discoveries, foam rolling is a great way to increase general health, increase flexibility, reduce muscle sorenes and increase recovery BUT (!) it’s NOT the best solution for myofascial release of trigger points!

Instead, a strong sustained localized pressure, applied directly on the spot where tightness is experienced, is superior to foam rolling, for complete muscle relaxation.

There is also a scientifically proven strong link between knee pain (patellofemoral pain syndrome) and higher prevalence of myofascial trigger points in the gluteus medius and quadratus lumborum muscles. Empirically, this applies to low back pain too.

Myofascial release of trigger points with a lacrosse bal.

So remember to check all of your gluteus and quadratus lumborum muscles for tight (and sometimes very painful) spots when you have pain in the knees or low back. Use a simple lacrosse ball to apply strong pressure to the spots where myofascial trigger points are present (by laying on it). Relief should be immediate.

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