Shipping Inside EU

Deliveries to EU countries will be made via the most apporpriate service provider. We use national Post service, GLS or DHL. Time from dispatch to delivery differs slightly between destinations. Please refer to the table bellow for more information (days are working days).

The shipping charges are based on weight and dimensions. They are automatically calculated when you put desired products in your cart and select your country.

Delivery Times by Destination

Country Delivery Time
Austria 3-7 days
Belgium 3-7 days
Bolgaria 3-7 days
Croatia 3-7 days
Czech Republic 3-7 days
Denmark 3-7 days
Estonia 4-7 days
Finland 4-7 days
France 3-7 days
Germany 3-7 days
Greece 3-7 days
Hungary 2-7 days
Ireland 3-7 days
Italy 2-7 days
Latvia 4-7 days
Lithuania 3-7 days
Luxembourg 2-7 days
Netherlands 3-7 days
Norway 4-7 days
Poland 3-7 days
Portugal 4-7 days
Romunia 2-7 days
Serbia 5-7 days
Slovakia 2-7 days
Spain 3-7 days
Sweden 3-7 days
Switzerland 3-7 days
United Kingdom 3-7 days
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