ELUIR Deadlift Bar

Barbell especially designed for doing deadlifts.


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ELUIR Deadlift Bar

Eluir Deadlift Bar is longer than your standard Olympic bar and more flexible than powerlifting bars, it represents a perfect equipment for doing your deadlifts. It is made with especially aggressive knurling and threaded sleeves for better grip for your hands and weights.

Deadlift Bar should be only used for deadlifts.

Made in Taiwan.

Weight20 kg
Shaft material:Alloy steel
BushesCopper bushing
ShaftBlack ceramic coating
SleevesChrome / threading
Diameter28 mm
Bar Length2300 mm
Loadable Sleeve Length440 mm
Knurling:Dual ( no central knurling)
Maximum Load:680.38 kg / 1500lb
Tensile Strength216,000 psi
Yield Strength:206,000 psi
Warranty2 Year Functional Warranty




Weight20 kg


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